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JIS Libraries: Summer/Alumni Library Deposit Procedures

JIS Librarians

Matthew Schafer- High School

Kathryn Calzini- Middle School

Leslie Henry- PEL

Sarah Pickles- PIE

Summer/Alumni Library Deposit Procedures

To Create a Summer Library Account

For the Cilandak Campus (HS & MS Library) and the PIE Campus (PIE Library):

  1. Parent/student should come to business office to pay a refundable deposit of 2.000.000 IDR. He/she will then receive an official Safekeeping Deposit slip.

  2. Parent/student will then report to HS, MS or PIE library and show the deposit ‘receipt’ to the library staff and complete a Parent Application Form.

  3. Patrons will need to be certain to keep the deposit receipt in a safe place as school policy requires it for refund requests.

  4. Summer Library Deposit holders may checkout maximum ten books per family for two weeks. 

For PEL Campus Patrons:  Parents can pay the library deposit at the PEL office by seeing Nina Fathony or Metty Suprapti.

Summer Library Deposit Refund Procedure

In order to rceive a refund, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. One’s library deposit is eligible to be refunded upon request.

  2. Per new policy (May 2015), all refund deposit money will issued in Indonesian Rupiah.

  3. Before requesting a deposit refund, be sure all materials have been returned to the library and the account has been cleared.

  4. Students are not usually permitted to receive the refund unless he/she provide a formal note from a parent or email Mira Savitri at and “cc” email to Puja Sentosa at  We strongly support that only parent(s) receive the refund from the business office.

  5. Please bring the original deposit slip receipt to the High School Library to Pak Puja Sentosa.  He will then begin the refund request process with the business office.

  6. The parent will then visit the business office and see Mira Savitri for final processing of the refund request.  The refund will be issued right away if all necessary requirements are fulfilled.

  7. Please note patrons will be asked to provide a valid parent ID card upon receiving the refunded deposit.  The cashier office hours are from 07.15 A.M - 15.00 P.M.

To Create an Alumni Account 

JIS Alumni will be considered a paid patron and are able to check out a maximum of three books provided they have provided a 2.000.000 IDR deposit in the same manner as detailed above.

Borrowing textbooks During the Summer

IB Students and Summer Textbooks: Only JIS IB students may check out up to two JIS textbooks during the summer provided:

  1. He/she has paid the summer library deposit and...

  2. The textbook is directly related to his/her extended essay research and...

  3. The student obtains written permission from a JIS administrator, IB Coordinator or the HS Media Specialist to take to the Resource Center staff.



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