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HS Library: Policy

Mission Statement

-Our Mission-

The library is central to providing a stimulating learning environment that supports the Jakarta Intercultural School vision and aims to promote an information empowered and literature enriched school community of independent, lifelong learners.

Code of Conduct

Jakarta Intercultural School is an academically oriented college preparatory school, and as such, recognizes the importance of an area set aside specifically for collaborative and independent study. This area has been designated as the High School Library, and the following are the expectations of conduct and acceptable use for the Temporary HS Library:

  • The library is to explore, enrich, collaborate and create.
  • Please respect the rights of others.
  • We allow groups to quietly collaborate. Students seeking social space should probably look elsewhere
  • Video games on any device are not allowed.
  • Do come to the library to explore, question, learn, experiment, and challenge.
  • The library staff may ask individuals to leave if violating these rules as the use of the library is a privilege.
  • Disciplinary action or suspension from the library can be the result of repeated infractions.

Thank you for making sure the library is a place where people can collaborate, read, create, and study.


Late Materials Policy

Beginning March 10, 2017, the High School library ceased charging students for late library materials. The current policy is as follows:

  • When a student has any late library books, he/she will still be allowed to borrow books, but no equipment, until the late book is returned.
  • The High School Library will continue to email overdue notices on a regular basis- usually on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Students who lose or damage library materials should refer to the “Replacing Lost/Damaged Materials” policy.
  • At the end of each semester, students with outstanding library books and/or equipment will find access to their online report card locked until the items are returned or the replacement costs are paid.
  • Students withdrawing or graduating from JIS will not be cleared until their library accounts are zeroed

Printing and Photocopying


All the computers on the high school campus are connected to printers which require authentication with our identification cards. The library will provide paper and supplies to students for printing.  Per school policy and the cost of printer refills, we do not encourage color printing.  In addition, multiple copies of the same document are discouraged, and large print jobs will require the permission of library staff or faculty member.  

Please limit the number of pages one prints by creating and assigning electronic documents, using recycled paper, thinking before one prints, and having respect for our environment as JIS continues to become a greener campus.

If your document does not print the first time, please ask the library staff to help to avoid printing multiple copies of the same document.


The High School LMC has copy machines available for student use. This machine is intended to be used to copy library materials for classroom or research purposes. If a patron needs to make copies of classroom notes, homework, or for personal use, he/she is encouraged to use the built-in scanner and email the documents to one’s self. As always, the library staff will happy to assist patrons with copying as to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the photocopy machines.

Electronic Equipment and Other Gadgets

The JIS High School Library holds an ever-changing collection of digital cameras, video cameras, presentation tools such as wireless mice, and other electronic equipment for students and faculty to utilize.  The following governs circulation of this equipment:

  • Students may check out cameras for three days. 
  • Faculty may check out cameras for three days.
  • Special consideration will be given for conferences, field trips, training, etc...

Most importantly, patrons are responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged equipment.


For other policy and documentation applicable to all JIS Libraries, please visit the JIS Libraries homepage.