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HS Library: Periodical Subscriptions

Journal, Magazine, Newspaper, & eBook Subscriptions

Usernames and Passwords are Available to JIS Community Members Here.

Reading- Using Follett eBooks

How to Use Follett eBooks from the High School Library

 If you are not already in one of the JIS Libraries webpages, go to the JISnet and navigate from LEARNING TOOLS to Library to the JIS Libraries Website.


 Once in any of the JIS Libraries webpages, enter the HS Catalog.


 Once you in the HS Library catalog, change the “Material Type” to “Electronic Book (eBook).”  You can now search as usual only targeting eBooks.  If you just wish to browse click title to see them all. 


 Note the “E” symbol common to all the eBooks.  Click the title of the book you wish to examine to open the record.


 Inside you will see details about the book and a gray “Open” button.  Click it to open the eBook.


If you have not already logged in, you will need to use your usual JIS user name and password.

When you first open a book you are BROWSING in ONLINE MODE.  You may wish to close it or check it out.  eBooks work just like real books.  You can check out up to three different books for two weeks. After two weeks it will automatically be returned to the shelf.  Most of our eBooks may only be checked out by one user at a time.  If you do not want the book click “Close Book” to return it to the shelf. 


Play with the icons on the right to change the display and annotate your book.  The “Menu” button to the left will show you the table of contents and options to download the book so you can read if offline.  Choose “Offline Access” to download the book.  It will take a minute or two.


 Once downloaded I will see the “Success”. Screen.  Note the VERY IMPORTANT instruction to bookmark the “Offline Content Library” page. 


 Once I navigate to the Offline Content Library, I create a bookmark.


 Now, when offline, I simply open my browser, go to the bookmark, and read the book without an internet connection.


If I wish to return the book early, I will need to REMOVE it from my device first when connected to the internet.  Then I can go to the Check Box menu and return the book.


Teen Book Cloud

Teen Bookcloud is a collection of online read-along middle/high/young adult level eBooks in categories such as graphic novelsearly readers, chapter books, teen fiction, classics, and drama/poetry.  Login at school is automatic.  Please click here for login information for off campus access.

All HS Magazines and Journals



Enter any novel in the search box, and there's a good chance BookRags will have quality information on it. Larger topics are discussed in-depth, with resources including encyclopedia articles, critical essays, student essays, biographies, primary sources, interviews, and study guides.  Individual BookRags are available to patrons by request.  Please contact

NY Times and NYT Education Sites

Every member of the High School Community has unlimited access to the International New York Times and the NYT Education Program.  These are only available on campus through the JIS WiFi network.  No login is required.

  • Newspaper Access
    • Get access of four editions of New York Times: US, International, Chinese & Spanish
  • The Learning Network
    • Includes Word of the Day, Article comparison, Teaching Skills & Topics sharing.
  • Grammar Learning 
    • ​​Identify Grammar issues with answers and explanations.
  • Debate Corner 
    • ​​Invites knowledgeable outside contributors to discuss news events and other timely issues.

The Economist

The Economist, weekly magazine of news and opinion is generally regarded as one of the world's preeminent journals... It provides wide-ranging coverage of general news and particularly of international and political developments and prospects bearing on the world's economy.

Premium TOK Newsletter

Marshall Memo


Our Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance subscription is not accessible off-site. You must be within the school campus' wifi in order to have access to our JOPERD subscription. No login or password is required.

The Financial Times

"The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading news organizations, recognized internationally for its authority, integrity, and accuracy. It is part of Nikkei Inc., which provides a broad range of information, news, and services for the global business community. "  To set up an account, FOLLOW THIS LINK while on campus.  Once complete, you will be able to access Standard FT content from anywhere.

JIS Professional Literature Collection

The Churchill Archive

The Churchill Archive

"...the Churchill Archive is a digital library of modern international history.  It includes more than 800,000 pages of original documents, produced between 1874 and 1965, ranging from Winston S. Churchill’s personal correspondence to his official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians, and military leaders. This is more than a fantastic collection of primary source material; it is a unique online resource offering new insight into a fascinating period of our past.”

Active History

Active History provides interactive simulations, decision-making games, self-marking quizzes, worksheets and lesson plans for teachers and students of World History. It provides materials on scores of topics from the Middle Ages to the present day.  It provides a highly effective means of teaching history using all the benefits of modern internet technology.