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Grade 7 - Social Studies - Resources: Unit 1 - Natural Resource Management

Air Pollution

Air Pollution & Health

Battling Wildlife Poachers : the Fight to Save Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Tigers, and More

The Biography of Bananas

The Biography of Corn

The Biography of Cotton

The Biography of Potatoes

The Biography of Rice

The Biography of Silk

The Biography of Spices

The Biography of Sugar

The Biography of Tomatoes

The Biography of Vanilla

The Biography of Wheat

Bringing Back Our Tropical Forests

Bringing Back Our Oceans

Bringing Back Our Wetlands

Buried : Too Much Garbage

Burning out : energy from fossil fuels

Central America and the Caribbean

Climate Change : a Threat to all Life on Earth


Drying Up

Earth's Resources Geo Facts

East Asia and the Pacific

Eat for the Planet : Saving the World One Bite at a Time


Energy : Supplies, Sustainability, and Costs

The Environment

Environmental Politics and Power in Indonesia

Environmental Pollution in China


Food, Population, and the Environment

Garbage and Recycling

The Global Economy and the Environment

Humanitarian Relief and Lending a Hand

Humans and the Natural Environment

Illegal Animal Traffickers

Leaving Our Mark

Loss of Biodiversity

Managing Water

Natural Resource Conflicts (Vol. 1)

Natural Resource Conflicts (Vol. 2)

Near East

The New Ocean : the Fate of Life in a Changing Sea

North America

Not a Drop to Drink : Water for a Thirsty World

Out of Gas : Using Fossil Fuels


People and the Planet

Protecting Our Planet


Poaching and Illegal Trade

The Politics of Water Scarcity

Pollution Crisis

The Ripple Effect


Science and Sustainable Water

Sold Into Extinction : the Global Trade in Endangered Species

South America

South and Central Asia

Starving : Can We Feed Everyone?


Trash Vortex : How Plastic Pollution is Choking the World's Oceans

Touring, Trekking, and the Traveling Green

U-X-L Sustainable Living Vols 1, 2 &3

A Visual Guide to the Environment

Water Rights in Southeast Asia and India

What Happens if the Rain Forests Disappear?

World without Fish