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JIS HS Library Newsletter: April 29, 2020- Faculty

FACULTY EDITION... as inspired by "Behind the Scenes--Updates on Professional Learning..." by Elaine Nicholson.


How I Redefined My Twitter Experience for Professional and Personal Growth

Many years ago and inspired by a speaker at a tech-ed conference in Mumbai, I deleted my old Twitter account a created a fresh one to simply kick back and listen.  To date I do not engage, reply, post, or send Tweets.  I do not use Twitter as two-way social media and do not follow my friends or family- that is what Facebook is for.  I love using Twitter to consume good information about topics important to me, to grow professionally, and keep up-to-date with current events.  In fact, my Twitter profile page is just this:


Today, Twitter is my morning ritual.  I am very much an early riser and like to be at my desk in the library by 6:15 AM for morning coffee and my daily Twitter briefing.  There I see trends, news, and what people are talking about since I went to bed.  It is the perfect place to start the day. Keeping Twitter streamlined allows met to easily find inspiration, innovative ideas, new tools, and discussions without the noise typically found in social media.

I only follow the best minds in a field and remember just because someone is good at something (sports, teaching, business, music) does not make them good at Twitter.  I keep the number of those I follow lean and mean.  I constantly curate who I follow by adding, evaluating, and purging those who do not uplift and bring me solid content.  Constantly weeding who I follow allows met to easily find inspiration and innovative ideas, tools, and discussions without the noise typically found in social media.

Learning to use and maintain Twitter Lists has been paramount to enjoying Twitter.  Below you can see how to create custom lists.  Again, I keep the noise to a minimum and just follow a few topics in which I am passionate.  I assign a list to everyone I follow, so this way I can limit my feed to just technology, music, news, scuba, etc...  


Maybe it is the librarian in me, but I am perhaps a bit excessive-compulsive about the organization of my Twitter feed.  I constantly update my Twitter lists using, a wonderful and tool that allows one to quickly organize personalities into appropriate categories in one screen with simple checkboxes.  Below show the individuals I followed since the last time I assigned lists.  With it only takes a few seconds to assign them to the appropriate list or decide to unfollow them.


Finally, do know there is far more to the twitter universe than what is shown here: trends, hashtags, open-source tools, etc...  If you have more questions are need a bit of help to get started, do not hesitate to contact me at  

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More about Twitter at the JIS HS Library Fusion Friday website.

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