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Grade 6 - Social Studies - Resources: Unit 1 - Technology / Conflict

3-D Printers

Artificial Intelligance

Artificial intelligence : Building Smarter Machines

Artificial intelligence : Clever Computers and Smart Machines

Artificial Intelligence and the Technological Singularity

Animal Testing : Attacking a Controversial Problem

The Atomic Bomb

Animal Rights

The Benefits of Spaceflight and Space Exploration

Cell Phones

Cyber Technology : Using Computers to Fight Terrorism

Cyber Spies and Secret Agents of Modern Times

Cyber Crime

Cyber Mobs : Destructive Online Communities


Coping With Social Media Anxiety

The Debate About Animal Testing.

The Debate About Playing Video Games


The Early Days of Space Exploration

Everything You Need to Know About Gun Violence

Ethical Hacker

Frequently Asked Questions About Texting, Sexting, and Flaming

Fish : From the Catch to Your Table

Government Intelligence Agencies

A History of Television

How Electric and Hybrid Cars Work

The Impact of the Tech Giants

Is Human Cloning in Our Future? : Theories About Genetics

Make the Most of Tumblr and Other Blogging Platforms

Nuclear Weapons and the Arms Race

Online Security

Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Computers in Society



Social Networking : Staying Safe in the Online World

Social Media

Social Media : Like it or Leave It

Video Game Trivia : What You Never Knew About Popular Games, Design Secrets, and the Coolest Characters

What is the Future of Virtual Reality?

What is the future of artificial intelligence?