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Grade 8 - Advisory: April 12 - Continuation of Personality Traits

Suggested class progression

Before the session please collect cards/sheets from Kate if you would like to do the first option below.

  1. In order to have more people to chat about the strengths and weaknesses you might consider joining with another advisory group for this session.

  2. Return True Colors test sheets to each person in the group.
  3. Go through the presentation - slides 1 - 7
  4. Slide 8 - STOP - there ar two ideas of how you might like to cover the next section: EITHER:
    1. Collect set of cards from Kate prior to Advisory session.
    2. Have kids sit together who came up as predominately the same color - ie all blues together, oranges together etc.
    3. Give each group two cards/sheets - depending on their color. The orange group get two orange sheets/cards etc. One card has the heading "How You See Yourself" and the other "How Others May See You." Small groups, (or maybe individuals), can read through the cards and discuss. 
    4. Come back together as a full group and work through slides 17 - 27.
    5. Important message - one color is no above another color. It is good to be aware of each others colors and also for us to understand how we  might come across to others.
  5. OR
    1. Work through slides 7 - 27 as a whole group.

Presentation for this session